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Sulawesi 2007

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May 2007.


The Sutton Reef website is to document my setting up of my 4th marine aquarium from design phase through to installation and running. The site will be constantly maintained and pages will be added or modified on a regular basis.

In March 2007 I was nominated for Tank of the Month on the forum. You can read the article here.

Look at Tank Shots for current photos

Also new objects added to Sketchup Files

New Section Dive Trips: Sulawesi 2007



Green Chromis





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Dave And Jan's Diving Diary.

This site is maintained by our friends Dave & Jan, which is all very confusing as my wife is called Jan as well. The pair have been to some of the best diving sites around the world. On the site there are some great pictures of nudibranches, sharks and large groupers etc. Although this site is not aquarium related is certainly worth a look!


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