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Equipment Summary

Tank Glass - 6'x2'x2'. (Custom built)
Sump Glass - 48"x18"x18" (Custom built)
Closed Loop Pump Sequence 15000 (Modified for marine use) Suction 1.5" Pressure 1.5" Threaded
Sump Return Pumps 2 x Eheim 1262 3400lph Suction 25/34mm (1") Pressure 16/22mm (3/4")
Skimmer Deltec AP851
Pump for Skimmer Eheim 1260 Suction 25/34mm (1") Pressure 16/22mm (3/4")
Phosphate Reactor Deltec FR509
Pump for Reactor Eheim 1048 600lph Suction & Outlet 13mm (1/2")
Calcium Reactor Korallin 1501 + Lid upgrade for pH probe
Pump for Reactor Aquadoser variable speed dosing pump
Computer Aquatronica :-
Base Unit, pH monitor, Power & plug bar, PC Software, PC Interface Adapter, Conductivity monitor, pH interface.
Reflectors 3 x Lumenarc III Reflector
Lamps 3 x Reeflux 250W 10K Metal Halide
Ballasts 3 x Icecap Electronic Ballast
Chiller Aqua Medic Titan 1500
Chiller Pump Eheim 1260 2400lph Suction 25/34mm (1") Pressure 16/22mm (3/4")
Saltwater Reservoir Pump Eheim 1262 3400lph Suction 25/34mm (1") Pressure 16/22mm (3/4")