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Species Comman Name Date Added
Amphiprion Percula Common Clown June 2006
Nemateleotris Magnifica Fire Goby June 2006
6 x Chromis Viridis Green Chromis June 2006
Zebrasoma Veliferum Pacfic Sailfin Tang July 2006
2 x Psuedochromis Fridmanii Orchid Dotty Back July 2006
Pterapogon Kauderni Banggai Cardinal August 2006
Neocirrhites Armatus Scarlet Hawkfish August 2006
  Leopard Wrasse August 2006
Salarius Fasciatus Algae Blenny August 2006
Bodianus Bimaculatus Candy Hog Wrasse September 2006
Centropyge loricula Flame Angel September 2006
Siganus Unimaculatus Onespot Foxface September 2006
Pygoplites Diacanthus Regal Angel September 2006
Ctenochaetus Tominiensis Tomini Tang October 2006
Opistognathus Aurifrons Yellow Headed Jawfish October 2006
Halichoeres Iridis Iridis Wrasse October 2006
  Red Spotted Blenny November 2006
Zebrasoma flavescens Yellow Tang November 2006
Zebrasoma xanthurum Purple/Emperor Tang November 2006
  Red stripped Blenny February 2007