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This section is dedicated to the hitchhikers I found in the tank. A hitchhiker in reef terms is an animal or plant which hitches a ride into your tank on a coral or live rock without you knowing.

Electric Blue Hermit

My first is a hermit crab, it has blue banding on the legs, bright orange antenna and is called 'Electric Blue Hermit' (Calcinus elegans). Quick search on Google reveals that they eat algae and cyanobacteria and is reported to be reef safe.

Asterina Stars

A number of Asterina stars are starting appeared on the glass and rocks unsure of exact species, need to keep a close eye to make sure they a reef safe.



Many sponges are on the rocks, have to wait and see if they are still alive after transfer.




Within a week, I am noticing some corals on the liverock. I can also see many more too small to photograph. Be interesting to watch them develop.

Star polyps (Pachyclavularia sp.)
Pavona sp. (?) Have to wait and see

Macro Algae

(after 10days sp unknown)


These are shelled protozoans, one cell organisms. They form shells primarily composed of calcareous material, with siliceous material from sponges, or other organic material. Tthey are harmless bacterial/detrital consumers. There are many different shell shapes and colours.


I came across this small (1-1.5cm) white nudibranch, haven't a clue what species.